Taxi and ride-sharing services across the First Coast are expecting big business this New Year’s.

“I would hope we’re making a difference,” Uber driver Charles Gresham said.

He is just one of the many who plan to be on the road Sunday night into Monday. Gresham has logged more than 2,700 trips and all that experience comes with a few tricks of the trade.

“There ya go, those are hospital grade,” Gresham said as he pulled-out an aptly named ‘barf bag.’

He said customers have resorted to the receptacle eight times over the past year. Even going so far as to keep a count, Gresham said six women and two men have been saved of a hefty fee because of the bags.

“If you make a mess in my car it could be a fine up to 300 dollars in addition to your trip fare,” Gresham said.

He said in his driving career, all his clients have been respectful, but still there are a few pet peeves that could cost someone that coveted 5-star rating.

“If you’re in a crowded area, my suggestion is to walk a couple of blocks away so your driver can find you easily,” Gresham said, “Our drivers don’t know what riders look like, but at least our riders know what kind of car we have and we look like.”

He points-out that it’s not so much the conversation, or even tips, but common courtesy that drivers are really looking to get from their riders. Gresham added that the costs of a ride are small compared to the dangers of driving under the influence.

“Leave it to a professional, it’s not worth going to jail, it’s not worth your job. It’s not worth a year of forced Uber rides,” Gresham said.

If you need a ride this New Year’s Eve including with Uber, Farah &Farah is picking-up the tab.

You just need to call 904-854-9391 or register at

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